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Features of Bioclimatic Aluminum Automatic Ceiling System

  1. It provides as high isolation as possible due to the polyurethane foam applied to the 3.5 cm air space inside the 25 cm honeycomb textured ceiling coverslips, which are specially designed by us and manufactured in our factory. It has maximum strength to be protected from, cold in winter and hot weather in summer.
  2. These aluminum coverslips which were used in the system ceiling, are resistant to 50 cm snow load thanks to their special forms.

3. Unlike its counterparts, the system doesn’t operate by opening 90 degrees first with double action. It is operated by opening 65 degrees. The reason is that it prevents unwanted objects such as dust, and birds from falling down. In addition, it provides both dirt and water isolation with the channel and gasket in front of each coverslip.

4. The ceiling, which is opened and closed owning to its specially designed stream, locates on the strut profiles used in the winter garden system without gaps. In this way, as in other automatic systems, there are no gaps in the rail-stream connections that air ao rainwater can drain into.

5. The system is formed by all aluminum profiles.

6. The aluminum profiles which were used in the system, can be painted in all colors in the RAL color chart. Our electrostatic powder coating facility is within our profile.

7. Rails that carry an aluminum automatic ceiling system are specially designed and are sized 145×134 cm.

8. Unlike other winter garden systems, it is possible that the system can be manufactured with a flat appearance by applying a 5% angle.

9. The system works with the logic of water discharge. Rainwater that comes on the aluminum panels is transferred to the mainstream profile. There is a guarantee of the non-leakage of the system.

10. The brand of the linear led system which was used in the system is Samsung, LED can be applied in any color as well as dimmers can be used in lighting.

11. In mild rainy weather, the panels are opened to a certain degree, and the air of the interior area is refreshed, while the system is designed to prevent leaking.

12. The system movements are performed via European engines.

13. The system was installed without the need for carrier steel construction.

14. The system can operate in any scale-free environment as well as self-leveling owing to its supporting legs.

15. All profiles and accessories which were used, are stainless.

16. The spare parts of the system are guaranteed for 2 years. (Problems arising from use are excluded.)

17. European engines used in the system are covered by a 5-year warranty.

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