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Features of Zip Blind System

  • Zip Curtains are designed to be protected from external factors such as sun, wind, and rain.
  • Zip curtains with remarkable modern aesthetic appearance Zip Curtains, which are technological and modern curtains, are often preferred in areas such as commercial enterprises, residences, and shopping centers.
  • You can find aesthetic and rational solutions to these and other problems thanks to the zip curtains that help protect against the negative effect of sun and wind. You can choose from our zip curtains models and apply them to your summer, winter garden, or home.


  1. Motorized Zip System certain protection against wind and cold. Special micro-perforated fabric provides air circulation to the area.
  2. Has insect protection while it is 100% closed position.
  3. Provides %30-40 heat insulation approximately. It has protection also against wind and light rain and provides 4 seasons of comfort.
  4. The profile which is extruded for the construction system is made of 6XXX alloys and they are covered by painted or not painted anodized oxidation to protect their visual view. The most common alloys are 6063 or (AlMgo,7Si)-T5-22 and they have similar chemical compounds and they have similar physical specifications.
  5. All Plastic parts of the zip systems are made b high mechanical strength and low frictional resistance raw materials. They have higher thermal resistance when compare with other plastic materials.
  6. Zip and blind fabric stick to each other with the help of the ultrasonic welding technique. This technique gives extreme resistance against splitting, tearing, and deformations of the welding area, water, heat, and highspeed winds cannot affect and deform the welding area.