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Motorized Pergolas

We offer service with:

  • 20 Kva High Frequency Blackout Welding Machine (13 Mt) in Shading System Production.
  • Rail bending machine w/ Radius.
  • Electrostatic Powder Coated Plant.
  • Zip Curtain Gluing Machine
  • Advanced Technology ERP Computer Controlled production with an annual pergola production capacity of 120.000 m2.

Our Pergola Aluminium Profile:

  • High-strength alloy electrostatic powder paint skeleton.
  • Rail aluminum thermal profile.
  • All parts of the system are made of special injection-molded aluminum material.


  • Our fabric is in cold and heat resistance references between -30 to +70 degrees.
  • It is produced within the relevant standards of rupture. adhesion, fire resistance, and tear.
  • It passed all tests related to the standards. Both surfaces of the fabric are lacquered, and they maintain their quality as they were for the first day of the awning to roving to be performed by our company.
  • Our fabric is guaranteed for 5 years against color fastness.
  • In addition, owning to the special film on the top and lacquer layer of our fabric, it has the feature of thermal insulation, higher heat cutting (cold &hot), and is sunproof.
  • Standard colors are available in our stock: Cream 3D, Gray 3D, Anthracite gray 3D, Black 3D, and White 3D. 

Electrostatic Paint

  • Textured paint will be applied on the chrome-plated surfaces that have been passed through the acid pool.
  • The desired RAL code will be applied. Has a guarantee for 10 years against color fastness.

Machine Automation:

  • Our machine has automatic fabric length adjustment (prevent sagging) and an automatic limit switch adjustment feature.
  • All assemblies and programming can be performed remotely.
  • optionally, it is compatible with smartphone and tablet applications within the unit of interest.
  • Has a 5-year warranty.

Our Products:

  • Samsung Led is used. if desired, a dimming feature is added.
  • The top protective section is closed with a special twisted sheet.
  • The surrounding of the system is isolated with special neutral silicone.
  • All bolts used are stainless.
  • They are Triger Italian Elatech.
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