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Features of Guillotine Glass System

Guillotine glass systems by combining their many years of expertise and knowledge! Produced in proper dimensions in accordance with relevant projects, guillotine glass systems are the newest automatic window systems that are being preferred in many areas and places. Produced with insulation solutions and safety features suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, the guillotine glass systems are manufactured in many models and designs according to their intended use. Specially designed stainless profiles, steel carriers, and 100% secure and alternative types make guillotine glass systems the most secure.

Areas of Usage:

Window, Room partitions, Shop windows, Cafe & Restaurants, French Balconies, Automatic Glass Railing, Roof Terraces and Balconies, Pool Edges, Winter Gardens, Pergola Awnings, and similar Windbreaker structures.


All parts of the guillotine glass window system are manufactured from heat-insulated stainless materials.

  • Thermal Insulation
    High-level heat insulation and heat glass profile options.
  • Sound insulation and Wind protection.
  • Usage in adverse weather conditions.
    Specially designed vertical usage provides an uninterrupted view.
  • Automatic usage.
    Remote control or on/off timer options.
    Continuous ventilation in adverse weather conditions with the ability of glass sides to stand in the desired places.
  • Glass Railing.
    100% safe glass railing especially in terrace application.
  • Safety without Locks
    It provides security without locks with its special security glass and profile systems.
  • Freedom and Comfort
    The guillotine glass system offers a high level of comfort in touch with nature with ease of use.
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