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Folding Glass

The Folding glass system is used in balconies, winter gardens, restaurants, and special areas.

There is a curtain of its own. If using this system there is no curtain problem. For curtain isn’t need extra space. Therefore this reason your space will be wider. The curtain is in the top frame. There is no connection with glass. For cleaning etc., it is very easy to dismantle in situations. the curtain is invisible when the curtain is closed. Eather one glass one curtain or two glass one curtain option for curtain with.
Each vane (glass) width is between 40-70 cm. Maximum height is 250ncm. Each vane have four-wheel, eight bearings.
With our patented water channel system down to 5% waterproof. Aluminum profile thicknesses are between 2 and 4,5 mm…

Insulation with Jalousie Option:

System designed especially for isolation, thermopane, and noise. It uses double tempered glass 4+22+4 or more safety 4+20+6 tempered glass. If you use the jalousie system between glasses must be 22mm. There is an aluminum gasket between glasses with weatherpile. The balcony Becomes the room with an ultra thermal folding glazing system. The vane width is between 30-90 cm.
Maximum height 300 cm. We recommend using 250 cm. There are four-wheel, 8 bearings on a vane. Due to the weight increase of the size of the glass, the bearing can hold the weight. The system bearing is bigger than other systems from peers.  629 ZZ bearing is used in this system. Available to mount the system either over haulage or under haulage. All products are produced in our factory with CNC machines. The system is thermopane and as jalousie 

The Folding Glass system is designed for restaurants, hotels, cafes, and indoor places.

Sliding system series are used in places where folding balcony glazing is unused.
it isn’t recommended to use this system on balconies. Because it is difficult to clean between glass. A restaurant is a perfect system for indoor places, patisseries, and ground-floor balconies. The un-threshold system should be used when the system threshold is obstructed.
Sliding un threshold has not occurred any obstacles during the exit and entrance to the balcony. Vane (glass) width can be applied between 40-100 cm. The maximum vane (glass) height of the system is 260 cm.
Sliding Threshold System water does not flow from outdoor to indoor places. All kinds of curtains can be used because the windows move without folding. The vane (glass) with wheels is located on the guide rail of the profiles. 8mm and 10mm options are available.

Insulation Option:

The system is designed for use in cafes, offices, winter gardens, and homes. We researched the weakness of the system and with the requests by masters and customers, now we offer a thermal sliding system. In the system; thermopane and double-tempered glass are more secure and provide effective insulation, therefore, saving energy. The features and colors of the glass you use, increase the degree of performance. It allows you to live in more comfortable and more isolated places in four seasons.
Thermopane that has made of standard glass has no durability to hits, therefore, in order to safeguard against accidents and theft, security glass should be used within the tempered thermopane safety. Thermal sliding system r&d was designed with customer satisfaction, quality, and easy installation. The profile design and certification has been documented by TPE.

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