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Premium Hanging Showcase System


Premium Hanging Showcase System designed for shopping malls, shops, stores, cafes, fast food areas, restaurants, patisseries, hotels, and so forth other special areas which require obtaining more living space & service areas for the users. The operation principle of this system relies on upper load-bearing moving as “overhung” on the Aluminum Rails.
It is functional and aesthetical; aside from being practical to eliminate undesired appearance, reduces the loss of using an area in the applied construction. The system can be folded and by the 10 mm. tempered glass used safely.
Premium Hanging Showcase system, there is no aluminum rail at the bottom, so glasses are pierced and supported with hard plastic pins. The reason for using plastic pins are risk of breaking glass. Metal screws and pins broken glass during the folding system. When the windows are completely closed, there is no rail at the bottom, so the mechanism that has to be fixed to the floor is designed as aesthetically confidential.

PREMIUM HANGING SHOWCASE SYSTEM is used in horizontal bearings rather than horizontal bearings because vertical bearings carry the weight of the glass more comfortably. Wing widths can be used in the range of 60-130 cm, height can be removed up to 400 cm. There are 8 roller bearings on each wing. The aluminum thickness is 5.5 mm. The wing weight of the system is 40-70 kg. Insulation is provided with weatherpile.
The vane during the turn using a special guide. Thanks to the guide system move easily. The butterfly system is used as well in this system. There is nothing added to the ceiling except the aluminum frame.
Premium Hanging Showcase System r & d was designed with customer satisfaction, quality, and certification has been documented by TPE.