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Creative ideas to build comfortable living areas

Our company has expertise in manufacturing shading and glazing systems such as fabric pergolas, rolling roof / bioclimatic, and motorized / fixed skylight veranda systems with the highest quality standards and fast delivery terms.

 Our products provide high heat/sun insulation and all systems are %100 waterproof. Shading systems can be installed as a single part or around systems can be covered with glass systems to create cozy living areas in your garden even during winter.

Our Service

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The Core Company Values

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing. For Now, we are providing systems of these two attributes:

  1. Shading Systems
  2. Glazing Systems


All seasons
Dimmable LED lights
Blackout or translucent
Remote controlled
Resists bad weather

Motorized Pergola

High-strength alloy electrostatic powder paint skeleton

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Rolling Roof

Bioclimatic Aluminum Automatic Ceiling System

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Zip Blinds

Moterized Zip System with Special Perforated fabric

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Guillotine Glass

Specially designed vertical usage provides uninterrupted view.

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Folding Glass

System designed especially for isolation, thermopane and noise.

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Skylight System

100% waterproof with our patented joining system,

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Premium Hanging Showcase

The System r & d designed with customer satisfaction.

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